Ski and snowboard tuning are offering you these advantages

Individually adjusted material

Each guest has different requirements and needs for their equipment. Ones riding skills play a major role here. All of these requirements are taken into account.

Well-founded know-how and expertise

Our tuning team in the shop knows the skis and boards very well and are true masters in their profession. This ensures you always get perfectly prepared material.

State-of-the-art tools and machines

Wintersteigers innovative machines allow us to tune many of our rental models in a short amount of time. Individuality and the highest quality are the main focus for us. This doesn’t just apply to our rental equipment but also to your own gear.

Can be combined with other services

As part of the passe-partout, you are able to rent your equipment from Pesko for the entire winter season. Your material is regularly prepared and optimised for your needs.

Different options for ski and snowboard tuning are available

Choose from one of these Pesko tuning options

Surcharges and deductions

Repairing the surface CHF 20.-
Underlay scratch filling per 8cm CHF 15.-
BFU binding test CHF 69.-

Children's ski/snowboard smaller than 145cm deduction of CHF 10.-

High tech waxing and edge tuning

State-of-the-art machines ensure a perfect tuned ski

For us, well prepared equipment is a must for a successful day on the slopes. To ensure this, every rental ski and every rental snowboard is adjusted correctly before each rental.

We are now able to tune your skis all year around. So there’s nothing holding you back to ski our glaciers also in summer.

Our new Jupiter ski service machine from Wintersteiger ensures even more safety on the slopes with perfect prepared equipment! It recognises your ski immediately based on the ski code and carries out an appropriate service. Sharp edges and a freshly waxed base enable you to carve down the slopes with ease.

Professionally adjusted bindings for more safety

This ensures, skis and boards are perfectly in tune with your body

An essential part of the ski service is the correct setting of the binding. Many different factors influence the adjustment for an optimal end result. On the one hand, there is the skiers individual body data information , such as weight and height. On the other hand ones skiing skills and the respective ski model are also of importance here.

The right setting not only ensures that there is an ideal power transfer on to the ski and thus to the slopes. This also minimises the risk of injury in case of a fall. The binding must not release too early in order not to intervene with the skiing. The bond shouldn't be released too late either, in order to avoid injuries. In order to achieve this middle ground and thus the right setting, we at Pesko work with innovative tools so you can always rely on your material. & Nbsp;
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These shops offer a ski and snowboard service

Further services Pesko in Lenzerheide has on offer

In addition to ski and snowboard rentals, we, at Pesko, offer a wide range of services making sure you get the most out of your sports adventure in performance and comfort. During summer time you are able to rent your dream bike from a broad variety of models. We also offer on-site service for your bike. In winter you will find a wide range of skis and snowboards available for rent. With Pesko’s Passe-partout you can benefit from our offers all season long. This is the service range Pesko has on offer!