That’s why safety gear from Pesko is so important

Safety for your head and other important body parts

Absorbs the impact in the event of a fall

Protection from bruises and abrasions

Unrestricted freedom of motion on your bike

Our safety gear – an overview

The helmet as your constant biking companion

Caution is a top priority for bikers

Safety is the be-all and end-all of biking. That’s why our rental department offers a wide selection of bike helmets for children, youths and adults. The helmets are individually adjustable, meaning you can fit them to the shape of your head. Only when a helmet fits perfectly, and isn’t too loose, does it offer the protection you really need on trails.

An integral helmet provides even greater safety. Featuring a robust chin guard and full-face protection, this helmet is essential equipment for downhillers and bike-park riders especially. When you are making daredevil jumps and reaching high speeds, a helmet may prevent serious head injuries in the event of a fall.

Protectors for safety at high speeds

Essential protection on trails and in the park

For the best possible protection in the bike park or on various trails, in addition to a helmet we also recommend protectors. Regardless of whether you are taking things easy or raising your adrenaline levels through the roof, falls can always happen. Protectors provide the added safety you need whenever you are riding downhill. To ensure you have the best protection for every scenario, at Pesko we offer a wide selection of rental protectors.

The body protector is a specially designed jacket which protects the entire upper body as well as the arms. Especially important, of course, are very vulnerable areas such as the spine and elbows. These jackets feature reinforced padding in those areas to absorb the impact of a fall.

If you want to err on the side of caution, we recommend our full protector set. It consists of protectors for the arms, legs and upper body. This will also protect your knees from abrasions and injuries if you fall. Especially if you are downhilling, this set should be a part of your basic equipment to avoid preventable trail-riding injuries.

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