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What's the difference between sleds?

A gentle cruise or exhilarating thrill ride

At Pesko, we offer classic sleds as well as streamlined sports toboggans. The two styles differ in terms of design and construction as well as the target group.
The classic sled is a popular option for children and families especially. The comfortable seat made of nylon has room for one or two people. Which means even smaller children will be able to enjoy a fun sledding adventure. The body of the sled is made completely out of wood, giving it a high level of stability during the ride down and even keeping you right on track through the curves. The runners are steel-reinforced, allowing you to glide perfectly across the snow. 

A sports toboggan is focused on offering faster speeds for even greater fun during the ride. Thanks to aerodynamic construction and slanted runners, your sports toboggan will quickly gain momentum. Due to its light total weight, the sports toboggan is also very manoeuvrable and performs well on tighter turns. 

Great sled runs await you in and around Lenzerheide:

  • Scharmoin-Canols, 3.8 kilometres long – also the site of the Light Ride, directly connected to the main sled run.
  • Tgantieni-Val Sporz, 1.5 kilometres long
  • Sporz-Lain, 2 kilometres long
  • Tschugga-Parpan, 1.5 kilometres long

Light Ride Lenzerheide – a unique experience

An extraordinary attraction

From mid-December until the end of March, the Light Ride in Lenzerheide invites you every Wednesday and Saturday to enjoy an adventure that is unique worldwide. The Light Ride is located at the lower end of the Scharmoin-Canols sled run. To reach the Light Ride, simply hop aboard the Rothorn 1 gondola lift. Perched on your sled or a sports toboggan, you will glide down a motion-activated course full of lighting installations, music and undulations.

In addition to the variety-packed features of the course itself, you will also be able to put your sledding skills to the test in an attempt to set new speed records as you hurtle down the hillside. At Pesko, we offer special sleds and sports toboggans intended just for the Light Ride. When you pick up your equipment, our team will go ahead and register you for the course. Which means, you will be able to start as soon as you arrive there. Add a special highlight to your holiday by going on the Light Ride in Lenzerheide.

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