Enduro E-Mountainbike

For downhill trail rides with even more stability

Climb the mountain with ease and have all kinds of fun on the way down

The Enduro E-mountain bike is the most robust of all E-bike categories available to rent at Pesko. Thanks to its stable and specially reinforced frame, this bike is right at home on the trails of the Bike Kingdom. Wheels that provide for a quiet ride ensure you will never lose grip, even at high speeds, giving you complete control even in very technical terrain.

Due to the motor, you will even be able to master the trail up the mountain with ease. Choose and adjust the level of electrical support as needed. In this way, you will have plenty of muscle strength left over for the part of the biking experience that will be the most fun: the ride back down to the valley.

Front and rear suspension
High-performance motor & latest-generation battery
Wider tires and suspension for all terrain
Reliable disc brakes for full control on the trail

The characteristics of an enduro E-bike – an overview

Support on the way up the mountain and more stability coming back down

The enduro E-mountain bike comes with the same characteristics as the non-motorised version; a robust and sturdy frame, high-traction tires for every kind of terrain plus greater suspension travel. The classic enduro and freeride features are supplemented by the integrated motor of an E-bike. Only top-quality, individually adjustable motors from name-brand manufacturers are used. 

Depending on the difficulty and gradient of terrain you are in, you can set the support you receive from the motor to different levels. You can also turn the motor off completely, using it only as needed. So that the range of the motor is never a factor during longer tours, the bikes are also equipped with latest-generation batteries. 

Want an E-mountain bike you can use virtually everywhere?

Or prefer to rely entirely on your own muscle power?

Perfect for effortless climbs and adrenaline-packed downhills

Up the mountain faster thanks to a motor

Just as with the traditional motorless version of this bike, trails are the preferred terrain for an enduro E-mountain bike. The stability of the bike makes the downhill ride safer and gives you unlimited control over the bike, also on more slippery stages. The motor makes the ride uphill easier and lets you have more fun on the way back down.  

If you would like to rent an E-mountain bike that allows you to go wherever you want in the mountains, we strongly recommend the fully E-mountain bike. Thanks to the dynamic suspension system and weight savings, you are not restricted solely to trails. The fully E-mountain bike also lends itself to extended tours of the Lenzerheide region. Side trips across open terrain aren’t an issue for this bike either. If you prefer to take on a trail-riding adventure in its original form, however, at Pesko we also have classic enduro and fully bikes available to rent.

Safety during your bike ride is our top priority

Protection in the event of a fall with equipment from Pesko