Why the Lenzerheide region is an irresistible hiking destination

Unique landscapes in the heart of the Swiss Alps

Diverse terrain with something for everyone

Wide selection of hiking tours

Discover nature in its most pristine form

Hiking in the Arosa-Lenzerheide region

Discover the best hiking tips

Lenzerheide offers hiking routes for everyone: ambitious, well-trained athletes as well as families and “Sunday hikers”. Based on your personal abilities and the level of difficulty you are looking for, one of the following tips is certain to include a scenic hike that is ideal for you and your family: 

  • Globi hiking path: This route leads past 13 info stations where children can learn more about nature. An educational experience for big and small alike.
  • Autschliweg: This route also successfully combines fascinating information for children about the forest as a habitat for animals and plants, with great hiking experiences and beautiful scenery.
  • Eichhörnliweg Lenzerheide: A hiking path through the forest, including encounters with trusting animals along the way that will even allow you to feed them. A very special hiking experience.

If you prefer to focus on vertical gains and alpine adventures, we heartily recommend the following two hikes to you in particular:

  • Alpine tour to the Lenzerhorn: From right here in Lenzerheide, you will begin your hike to the top of the Lenzerhorn. When you finally step onto its summit, all the effort and hours that went into hiking up there will be more than made up for by the amazing scenery stretching out before your eyes.
  • Ridge hike from Piz Scalottas to Brambüesch: This hike leads from the Piz Scalottas mountain restaurant right out along the ridge line, with a steep drop on either side. A head for heights here is an absolute must.

Ambitious hikers won’t be disappointed either

Celebrate your personal summit conquest

Surrounded by towering alpine peaks rising to roughly 3,000 meters above sea level, Lenzerheide also offers some very demanding hiking tours. 

The ultimate challenge in the region is a crossing of the Parpaner Rothorn. If you wish to take on this hike at over 2‘500 meters, mountaineering skills are a definite advantage, not least because of the very exposed ridgeline. Do not attempt this hike without prior alpine experience. 

Please never set out on any of the hikes without finding out beforehand how long the hike will take and what demands it will place on you in terms of your personal safety. Our shop team will be happy to assist you in finding the right gear and deciding which route is most suitable for you.