5* Snowboard

Perfect for experienced and advanced boarders

The right snowboard is your admission ticket to a winter wonderland

Snowboards in our 5* category are especially suitable for snowboarders who are already proficient on a board and ready to take it to the next level. This category greets you with a range of models from the current season. Whether tight radiuses or smooth-running boards for rides through steeper terrain, you are guaranteed to find the board that’s the perfect fit for you.

To get even more out of your equipment, it is vital to finetune the board to your body size and skills. At Pesko, all snowboards are adjusted precisely to your needs and given appropriate service. In this way, you will extract even greater performance and riding enjoyment out of your gear. Piste or deep snow – our 5* boards will be your ideal companion this winter.

Different features for sportier riders
Rocker, camber and powder variants to rent
High-quality models from famous brands
Exclusively boards from the current winter season

Characteristics of a 5* snowboard – overview

The right board for every ability and every expectation

In our 5* category, you will find the right snowboard to meet your personal expectations. Tight radiuses, good acceleration, special construction: The wide selection of boards makes this category particularly attractive.

In this category, we offer rocker as well as camber snowboards. With a rocker board, the entire running surface of the snowboard lies on the snow, with only the tips curving upwards. These boards are particularly recommended for riders who value stability and don’t want to lose contact with the ground on steeper pistes. Camber boards basically represent the opposite concept. In this case, it is only the two ends of the board that are in direct contact with the piste. This offers a high level of flexibility for tight radiuses and your “trips to the park”. 

Special deep-snow models add the finishing touches to the selection of rental boards from Pesko. These boards provide great floatation, meaning you can ride them with ease even through masses of new snow. Due to their special construction, you will always stay on the surface.

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Conquer the entire ski resort on your board

The mountain belongs to you – on and off the piste

In our 5* category, you can choose between snowboards for the piste and for the deep snow. Piste models are customized for different radiuses. Regardless of where your snowboarding adventure will take you: The snowboards in our 5* category are a good choice for all types of snow and promise extraordinary performance.

If you want to rent a snowboard from the current season and at the same time expand your snowboarding horizons, the 6* is virtually predestined for you. With high-quality premium models and use of modern manufacturing technologies, these boards are absolutely amazing. But if you prefer laid-back rides down the piste on a robust board, we would definitely suggest our 4* category instead.

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