6* skis

Perfect for experienced skiers who love to experiment

Incomparable skiing enjoyment at the highest level

The skis in our 6* category promise a special experience on the piste. Unique ride characteristics as well as the use of optimised materials and cutting-edge construction make these models a must for every passionate skier. But to truly exploit the full potential of these skis, we only recommend them for good to very good skiers.

Skis in this category are exclusively high-end models of the current ski season. In that way, we can assure you of being equipped with the most modern skis available on the market today. This makes our 6* ski category a must-have for you if you are looking for a special adventure with a hint of luxury.

Exclusive premium models
Special design and high-quality materials
Premium models for the piste
Integrated innovative technologies

Characteristics of a 6* ski - overview

The best the sport of skiing can offer

The 6* ski models unite a premium experience with pure enjoyment on the piste: 

  • Smooth glide characteristics and a quiet ride on every surface
  • Flexibility initiating turns, stability in the turn itself
  • Dynamic and responsive, for complete control in all terrain

Visually, these skis are also a highlight. Modern materials, such as bamboo or carbon fibre, reduce the weight significantly. The special form of the ski provides grip and traction along the entire edge through the turn, for outstanding control. Finishing touches are provided by small, innovative details, for even greater enjoyment on your exciting downhill runs.

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Exclusivity meets uncompromising performance

Stand out wherever you ski

With our 6* skis, all doors are open to you for your adventure in the snow. Models in this category provide high reliability and performance on every slope, regardless of snow conditions or the gradient. Whilst some models also invite you to take an excursion into the deep snow, the majority of skis in this category are focused more on the piste. There, the performance of these 6* skis is unrivalled.

If you want to rent a model from the current season, but don’t necessarily need to go high-end, we highly recommend one of our 5* skis. Here, you can choose between different variants of classic piste skis and deep-snow models. For laid-back skiers and newbies, we suggest going with our 4* category. Thanks to outstanding stability and responsiveness, you can always count on a safe ride.

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