The characteristics of a downhill bike – an overview

The watchword is clear: Pure adrenaline on the ride down the mountain

The downhill bike is visibly different from other mountain bikes. The wide tires with deep tread for challenging terrain catch your eye immediately. The robust frame construction also distinguishes the downhill bike from other bikes. Everything about a downhill bike is designed to offer as much riding enjoyment as possible in combination with maximum stability for greater safety at high speeds. The flat position of the suspension fork permits ideal posture in the saddle, for quick, safe rides down through the bike park.

In order to control the higher speed and more extreme forces involved in downhill biking, the brakes and suspension system play a huge role. That’s why both elements are manufactured from exceptionally robust materials made to the highest standards. Meaning you can rely on your equipment completely as your hurtle down the mountainside on your downhill bike.

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What’s the difference between the Performance and Pro downhill bikes?

Biking expertise and experience make the difference

When you rent from Pesko, you have two different types of downhill bike available: our downhill bikes Performance and Pro. Although both categories do have much in common, there are a number of differences that will be decisive in selecting the equipment that’s best for you.

The Performance downhill bike is suitable for beginners and intrepid bikers looking to enjoy their initial downhilling experiences. Bikes in this category are heavier, offering greater stability in curves and on those first jumps. In contrast, the Pro downhill bike appeals more to experienced and advanced downhillers. Models in this category offer more suspension travel for even greater flexibility and riding enjoyment on the trail. 

Important: Rent either variant of the downhill bike and Pesko will also supply you with the right protectors. Our protection during your big adventure is our top priority. The protectors will help prevent injuries in the event of a fall.

Where can you ride on a downhill bike?

Steep, fast and extreme

Its various characteristics make the downhill bike predestined for one thing above all: generate as much adrenaline as possible as you ride down the mountain. Jumps and banked curves are part of that experience, of course. To that end, the downhill bike is unmatched in quality, manufacture and biking enjoyment. You can also take on challenging steep lines with a downhill bike.

If you are mainly focused on trails, we would recommend an enduro mountain bike. If you are likely to select a tour or route that includes easy uphill stages, we would advise you to go with a lighter-weight bike such as a fully mountain bike. For more leisurely rides on wide paths where speed plays less of a role, a mountain bike shows its full potential. Pesko also greets you with a wide range of rentable E-mountain bikes.

Safety during your bike ride is our top priority

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