Answers to your questions

Here you will find a listing of the most frequently asked questions.

During a boot fitting, the boot is custom-fitted to your foot using well-established as well as cutting-edge technology, conducted with the high level of expertise of one of our team colleagues. Afterwards, the boot will fit perfectly with no pressure points, improving your overall level of comfort and performance while skiing.

We take a similar approach to ensuring that your hiking boot also fits your foot to a T.

The ski-boot fitting at Pesko Lenzerheide is included in the purchase price whenever you buy your ski boots from us.

In addition, ski boots purchased from us are covered by a perfect-fit guarantee.

If you bought your ski boots from another sports shop, the analysis and fitting of those ski boots will be charged according to actual cost.

The rule of thumb for ski boots is: better too tight than too big. When you are choosing your boot, bear this in mind: When you first try on the boots, it is better for them to feel too tight than too loose. Tight boots can always be finetuned later to fit your feet like a glove.

If your or your child’s boots or skis no longer fit, please stop by to exchange them. Please bring your skis or boots with you so that we can refit them as necessary. 

No, we trust our guests and don’t bother with a deposit.

If any of your equipment is stolen, you will have to file a formal report at the at the nearest police station and then forward a copy of that report to the Pesko Sport AG location where the equipment was originally issued to you. Test products are not insured against theft!

Standard service includes surface and edge grinding so that the ski runs and turns better as well as waxing.

In addition to grinding the running surfaces and edges followed by waxing, our full service includes repair of surface damage caused, for example, by small stones or branches on the piste.

No, we don’t have any cross-country instructors here with us. Though we would be happy to recommend someone to you. 

We recommend some model lines such as  Cloud, Cloud Hi, Cloudnova and The Roger, as well as “On”, exclusively as lifestyle, leisure shoes .

No. It is a tennis-inspired lifestyle sneaker.