Why ice skating in Lenzerheide is so rewarding

Fun for big and small, young and old

Different ice rinks and skating areas

Natural as well as manmade ice rinks

Also possible after dark

Our rental ice skates

What are the characteristics of a good ice skate?

Show off your figure-skating skills out on the ice

Pesko has rental skates for children, youths and adults in a full range of sizes. When you pick up your skates from us, we will doublecheck to ensure the skates don’t pinch and fit your feet correctly. All skates also feature a modern lacing system to tighten the skates comfortably. Stainless-steel blades provide the right grip and a smooth glide across the ice. For a truly enjoyable skating expedition.

Please note: When they are returned, the ice skates are professionally cleaned and disinfected. This guarantees you will only be issued high-quality equipment whenever you rent skates from us. We also recommend a helmet to protect your head should you fall. Part of Pesko’s rental quality guarantee.

The most beautiful ice-skating rinks in Arosa Lenzerheide

Ice skating under the open sky

The winter in Lenzerheide is often cold and snowy. Consequently, during the colder months in our region you will come across natural ice-skating areas in addition to manmade skating rinks. Right in the centre of Lenzerheide, the sports grounds where people play football in summer are transformed into an icy paradise, inviting you to skate beautiful figures and perform magical pirouettes.

You can also indulge your love of ice skating and slice up clouds of icy particles in the following locations:

  • Natural ice rink in Parpan, floodlit until 10 PM
  • Natural ice rink in Churwalden, floodlit until 9:30 PM
  • Natural ice rink in Lantsch, floodlit until 9 PM

Because all of these skating areas are also open in the evening, you can head out to the ice right after completing your final run of the day on the piste. A sporting conclusion to your day and a great opportunity to get even more joy out of your holiday. Best of all: All ice rinks and skating areas in the region can be used free of charge.

Other winter sports activities in Lenzerheide

Enjoy a winter tailored to your every wish