Fully Mountainbike

For extended bike tours

The all-mountain bike for every adventure in the mountains

When categorising mountain bikes, the fully comes somewhere between a hardtail and an enduro. With suspension on both axles, the fully mountain bike is suitable for a wide variety of tours in the mountains, guaranteeing comfort and control in virtually all terrain. The lower weight compared to an enduro bike is particularly noticeable on climbs, which you are able to master on a fully bike without any problems or major effort.

This makes the fully mountain bike a true allrounder in open terrain. Especially on trails where you are alternating between climbs and descents, you will always make good progress on your fully bike, allowing you to enjoy the panoramas in Lenzerheide to the max.

Front and rear suspension
A bike that loves to climb thanks to a lightweight frame
Mixture of weight savings and stability
Optimised geometry for exceptional riding enjoyment

Characteristics of a fully mountain bike – an overview

Balanced mixture between two extremes

The fully mountain bike features high-quality suspension both on the front as well as the rear wheel. This is an advantage especially on terrain with lots of exposed rocks and roots. The suspension counterbalances the bumps and unevenness and small surface obstacles. The robust frame promises stability, also when riding downhill. Due to the materials it’s made from, the bike is lighter in comparison with an enduro or downhill bike, making climbs far more enjoyable without placing too many demands on your stamina.

The highlight of a fully mountain bike is its dynamic suspension system. Depending on the terrain and whether you are riding up- or downhill, the suspension system adapts to the circumstances of the trail you are on. Meaning that neither a steep climb nor an exciting descent will ever be an insurmountable obstacle. With suspension travel up to 150 millimetres, your biking enjoyment is never lacking while the bike itself offers flexibility in every situation.

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Perfect for variety-packed tours in the mountains

Uphill, downhill, through open terrain

With a fully mountain bike, your imagination knows no limits as far as choosing the right route. Due to the qualities and characteristics of this bike, it is the ideal companion for longer uphill tours. And you are never restricted to a particular type of terrain. The fully mountain bike promises good performance on every surface. But if you are just focused on the downhill element and you love to ride in bike parks, we would definitely recommend a downhill bike.

If you prefer riding downhill rather than up, we would suggest an enduro bike. This variant of a mountain bike is intended for trails above all and is ideal if, after making your way up the mountain, you have a need for speed on the ride back down. If you crave a real adrenaline rush and want to zoom down the mountainside, a downhill bike is definitely what you are looking for. 

In addition to our other E-bikes, we also offer a motorised version of the fully.

Biking safety is our top priority

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