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In the world of ski touring, the right equipment is the be-all and end-all. Our rental skis also come with skins and poles. As you ascend the mountain, the skins give you a safe grip on the snow, even on steeper or icier sections. Once you get to the top, you can simply remove the skins and stow them. For the ride down, the broader construction of the skis provides good flotation and the robustness you need to maintain control of your equipment even in challenging terrain. 

Touring-ski boots are designed to work well with the bindings of touring skis. Whilst climbing, the boots provide the necessary flexibility and greatest-possible freedom of motion to maintain good traction regardless of how steep the terrain. For the ride back down, you can clamp your boots firmly into the bindings so that, even if there is an impact of some kind, the binding will not open. At the same time, the binding shouldn’t release too late, thereby avoiding injuries. That said, in our shop we will individually adjust your touring-ski boots based on your “vital statistics”.

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The mountain world surrounding Lenzerheide offers the perfect ski tour for every ability level. Varying in distance and difficulty, rookies and families as well as ambitious tourers are all well served. 

The beautiful tour from Brambrüesch to the Dreibündenstein high plateau and Fulhorn summit, with jaw-dropping panoramic views, is only recommended if accompanied by a guide and with a complete set of avalanche equipment.
A rewarding ski tour from the Brambrüesch mountain station. The route initially leads through forest and beautiful clearings, later to the right side of the ski pistes on the way up to the top of the Furggabüel and then the Dreibündenstein. There, you are greeted by a magnificent high plateau which you will cross (also possible as a flattish downhill ride not requiring skins). At around 2100m, you will begin climbing again, first to the top of the Tgom 'Aulta, then along a steep ridgeline to the Fulbergegg, from where the subsequent ridge takes you all the way up to the summit (do not stray too far to the left due to snow cornices).

Your descent will be determined by the snow conditions, either in the direction of Alp dil Plaun, the Term Bel ski hut and, if there is enough snow, all the way to Domat/Ems. Otherwise, at Alp dil Plaun keep heading left/to the south, crossing the Maiensäss to Scheid). The descent via the steep north face towards Pradaschier / Churwalden can only be considered in very safe conditions by experienced ski tourers with full avalanche equipment, one skier at a time. However, if you wish to drop down to Churwalden, you can do so alongside the pistes in the ski area. Regardless of the variant you choose, the watchword is clear: Skiing/hiking in open terrain is at your own risk!

For rookies or for training, we recommend a tour that begins at the Fadail car park (1491m above sea level). This then leads up to Berghotel Tgantieni 1742m,  over the Alp Fops 1886m, then in the direction of the June Hütte 2217m , the final destination on this tour. The tour takes roughly 3 ½ hours to complete and is 5.4 km long.


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