Characteristics of good-quality avalanche safety gear

Robust equipment that will also survive a fall unscathed

Lightweight, doesn’t impede your mobility

Easy and convenient to stow while you are underway

Deployable at once when needed

Overview of our rentable avalanche safety equipment

State-of-the-art technology when every second counts

Avalanche transceivers, lifesavers in an emergency

During many a mountain adventure through open terrain and deep snow, avalanche transceivers have prevented countless far more serious outcomes. An avalanche transceiver is a piece of equipment that allows you to locate a victim buried under the snow. It features transmit and receive modes which can be started and switched at the touch of a button. In the event of an avalanche, the signal makes it possible to pinpoint a victim’s position precisely.

The transceivers which we rent out feature a robust casing that will survive a fall intact, allowing the life-saving electronics inside to function without interruption. When you are in the mountains, it is vital for every member of your group to carry an avalanche transceiver. The rental equipment from Pesko is inspected before every rental to ensure it functions flawlessly. Which means, your avalanche transceiver can be activated in a split second, when every second counts.

More than just a winter rucksack

Freeride and avalanche airbag with probe and shovel

The avalanche transceiver is an essential part of your avalanche safety gear. But for your full protection, we also offer for rental freeride rucksacks as well as airbag alternatives. Both products include a probe and shovel which are attached to the rucksack and can be transported without taking up valuable space. Using these tools, in the event of an avalanche you will be able to free buried victims rapidly and thus save lives.

Furthermore, brand-name ABS rucksacks also feature an integrated airbag. In an avalanche, the airbag opens and automatically fills with air. This cushion ensures you won’t be dragged below the surface by the masses of snow. Thanks to the airbag, you will stay on top of the snow cover, decisive in guaranteeing your safety on the mountains.

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