Enduro Mountainbike

The perfect companion for experienced bikers

Predestined for challenging downhill trail rides in the mountains

The enduro mountain bike ranks somewhere between the classic fully and a downhill bike. In comparison with the fully, the enduro mountain bike focuses more on the downhill aspect, though it certainly allows you to ride on other types of trail and terrain. The enduro bike is distinguished especially by comparatively long suspension travel, as much as 180 millimetres. Only downhill bikes offer greater travel. This makes the enduro bike a reliable companion for every trail. 

For the trails in Bike Kingdom, the enduro mountain bike is always a good choice. On the numerous tours there, you will be able to exploit the advantages of this bike to the max. And because this bike also loves to climb, you will also be able to enjoy the single tracks.

Long suspension travel, front and back
Stable frame for a safe downhill ride
Deep tire tread for high traction and great grip
Disc brakes for full control on the trail

Characteristics of an enduro mountain bike – an overview

Downhill stability meets boundless variety and riding enjoyment

The enduro mountain bike is equipped with full suspension on both axles and a stable frame. Giving you full control over the bike even when riding downhill at high speeds. This is further enhanced by the reinforced fork. The enduro bike also boasts highly reliable disc brakes. 

Because it needs to provide the required stability, an enduro bike is heavier than a fully. That extra weight helps stabilise the entire frame as you ride downhill. For technical passages, the enduro bike possesses robust tires with a deep tread for outstanding grip, providing great traction even on constantly changing surfaces. Due to all of these attributes, the enduro mountain bike is ideal for downhill rides and uphill excursions.

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Perfect for personal trail experiences

The bike for adventure lovers in the mountains

The enduro mountain bike is right at home on the trails. It’s here that the advantages of this version of a mountain bike come into their own. Stability, control and grip on every surface promise a unique experience, uphill and downhill. Thanks to the reliable disc brakes, you will also feel confident on technical and steeper passages. 

On an enduro bike, despite the heavier weight and geometry designed for downhilling, you will still be able to handle moderate climbs.

If you are looking for a universal bike for your adventure in the mountains, one that allows you to save energy on the way up, we would recommend a fully mountain bike to you. For adrenaline-pumping outings in the Bike Kingdom Park, a downhill bike is your best choice. If you prefer not to forego the qualities of an enduro bike but want added support on the way up the mountain, we would definitely suggest an enduro E-mountain bike. You will also find rental E-bikes at Pesko in Lenzerheide.

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