6* Snowboard

Perfect for adventure freaks and sportier boarders

Modern equipment for pure fun on the piste

The snowboards in our 6* category stand out visually from our other rental snowboards, as they do in how they are used. Thanks to the innovative combination of materials, board shape and other technologies, in this category you will receive the very best equipment available on the snowboard market today. Something you will clearly notice on the piste, with every turn you make.

In order to get the most out of the opportunities that come with a 6* snowboard, we do recommend a certain level of boarding expertise. These boards are most suited to sportier boarders and experts who feel completely comfortable on the board and can ride down any slope with confidence. The 6* snowboards open whole new options to you and bring ride characteristics that give you plenty of leeway to express your own personal riding style. A very special experience for sure.

Exclusive models from the current season
High-end snowboards from premium brands
Innovative construction and special materials
Unique attributes and characteristics

Characteristics of a 6* snowboard - overview

Extravagance in combination with high performance

Our 6* snowboard models excite boarders with their wide range of capabilities and different characteristics that put them in a class of their own. This includes the following features: 

  • Exceptional responsiveness in turns, stability and control even at higher speeds
  • Edges that grip even icy and smooth surfaces
  • Innovative construction for a central stance on the board, though also highly flexible
  • Outstanding glide characteristics on the piste and in deep snow

The combination of materials used to manufacture our 6* snowboards also plays a significant role. The construction, featuring slight adaptions to the classic board, likewise adds to the list of this board’s unique attributes. Experience the future today on the pistes of Arosa Lenzerheide, thanks to the 6* snowboards from Pesko.

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Your equipment serves as the exclusive basis

For the snowboards in our 6* category, no adventure is too outlandish and no piste to steep. Through use of modern technologies, the boards in this category allow you to focus squarely on your sporting experience alone. Though the majority of snowboards in our 6* category are intended for the piste, you can also make detours into the deep snow, where the board delivers the same quality and impressive performance.

If you would like to rent a sporty snowboard from the current season, we also recommend boards in our 5* category. There you will find a wide selection of snowboards with a full range of styles. From classic piste boards to models designed for the deep snow, choose the equipment that’s ideal for you. If you prefer to rely on tried-and-true classics from the past season, you will find what you are looking for in our 4* category. Especially if you are a more laid-back, less “serious” boarder, these models will definitely hit the mark.

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