Our rental bikes and E-bikes - an overview

Find the right product for you at Pesko

Modern bikes for tours, trails and the bike park

Special models for children, youths and adults

When you rent at Pesko, you will find a wide range of categories for different purposes and different terrain. No matter what kind of biking adventure you have chosen for your holiday here, we have the right equipment for you.

With suspension on both axles, the fully definitely lives up to its reputation as an all-mountain bike, ideal for easy tours constantly alternating between ups and downs. If you wish to show what you can do on one of the numerous more challenging trails in the Bike Kingdom, an enduro bike is your best option. Meanwhile, a downhill bike will take your kicks to a whole new level. Ideal for the bike park, it allows soft landings after daredevil jumps and nicely absorbs the bumps of rooty trails. Whether you are a rookie or an experienced park rider, Pesko offers various downhill options. Downhill bikes are basically predestined for hurtling down the mountainside with your brakes wide open and daredevil air-time. Especially for children, we recommend an allrounder mountain bike. And so that younger guests can complete their first runs in the bike park safely, the Park Bike completes our rental selection. 

If you are interested in an E-bike, we have a variety of fully and enduro bikes to choose from. All bikes in this category are equipped with a high-performance, latest-generation motor. Regardless of the adventure you are focused on: At Pesko, you are sure to find the right bike or E-bike, individually adjusted to you.

Our safety protectors – an overview

Your biking safety is a top priority for us

Your safety is our top priority

A bike helmet should be your constant companion

Whilst a bike helmet does provide adequate protection for a mellow tour through the unique nature of Lenzerheide, trail and downhill rides are significantly more demanding. When you are riding downhill at high speeds, falls and injuries can happen quickly. Which means, you need to be prepared, with safety gear from Pesko. 

Integral helmets and protectors, which you can rent from us, protect the most important parts of your body. For the two biking disciplines we just mentioned, these products are essential tools in your equipment repertoire before you ever even contemplate hitting those trails. With the right protectors, the chance of abrasions, bruises and even broken bones can be reduced immensely. 

We offer our rental helmets and protectors in different sizes. Only in this way can we ensure that every guest is outfitted in the right equipment before embarking on a steep trail ride.