4* skis

Perfect for beginners and casual skiers

They’ll make your first turns in the snow child’s play

The skis in our 4* category are ideal for newcomers to the sport of skiing. The models in this category are easy to ride, built in a way that makes them very forgiving of mistakes. 4* skis also make it very easy to initiate turns, meaning you will make rapid progress from the very outset, get way more fun out of skiing and return to the piste the next day with your motivation through the roof.

The 4* category is especially suitable for youths and adults wanting to get comfortable on the piste. Thanks to Pesko’s outstanding selection, you are certain to find the model that’s perfect for you.

Models that are easy to ride
Highly responsive skis
Good control over your equipment
Suitable for newbies

Characteristics of a 4* ski - overview

Easy to ride, forgiving of mistakes

Skis in our 4* category are highly recommended if you want to get your skiing “career” off on a solid footing. And because these skis promise an easy ride, casual skiers also feel right at home in this category. The maneuverability of the skis makes turning easier and basic carving on the piste becomes child’s play.

4* skis are also very stable, allowing you to maintain control over the ski in any situation, which in turn gives you increased confidence. A feeling that’s further enhanced by the responsiveness of the ski. With regards to ride characteristics, these skis offer a balanced blend of good edge grip and glide. Allowing you to conquer the pistes with ease.

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Getting started in winter sports made easy

Gliding down the piste with confidence and control

Our 4* skis are classic models for the piste. Thanks to their stability coupled with responsiveness, you will be able to conjure up turns on the hill that are pure magic. The advantages of this ski become especially evident on blue- and red-rated pistes. But even on steeper runs, you will have no problem pressing your edges into the slope. However, to get the perfect grip in every situation and even at higher speeds, the high-performance models in our other categories are more suitable.

If you have already gained some skiing experience and feel comfortable slicing down all slopes, we recommend skis in our 5* category. Aside from classic skis for the piste, we also offer models suitable for the deep snow. If you are looking for a truly extraordinary skiing experience, we suggest our 6* category. Thanks to a selection of exclusive models from the current winter season, you will discover a whole new dimension of skiing. With ultimate enjoyment and variety in the snow guaranteed.

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