4* Snowboard

Perfect for beginning and rookie snowboarders

Enjoy a comfortable ride down the piste and develop your skills

Snowboards in the 4* category appeal mainly to beginners and less “serious” boarders. Because the boards in this category are very forgiving of mistakes, it’s relatively easy to counteract minor errors in your turns and thereby avoid crashing out every single time. Due to the excellent stability, you will quickly complete your first successful runs.

These boards are easy to ride and control on the piste. Aside from this season’s models, we also offer classics from last winter that have already proven their stengths.

For youths and adults
Internationally known brands and manufacturers
Outstanding responsiveness makes turns easy
Easy to ride for a playful intro to the sport

Characteristics of a 4* ski - overview

The perfect equipment for your first rides down the piste

The snowboards in our 4* category are especially easy to ride, serving as the perfect foundation for learning the sport and gradually improving your skills. The stable construction of the board promises a mellow ride on the piste, counteracting any unevenness or undulations you might encounter, allowing you to manoeuvre and maintain control. 

The responsiveness of the board also allows you to initiate and follow through on the turn with ease. Riding your edges and braking isn’t hard either. The entire construction of the snowboard is focused on helping you develop a personal feel for the board and improve your skills quickly and noticeably. In this way, snowboarding soon becomes more fun than you ever imagined possible .

Want a board for the piste and also the deep snow?

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Immerse yourself in the world of snowboarding

Everything under control on every run

The 4* snowboards are designed for the piste. Due to their stability on the hill and responsiveness in turns, you will master every run in practically no time. Especially on flatter sections, the advantages of this board become quickly apparent. On icier, steeper pistes and at high speeds, however, other snowboards will provide you with a much stronger edge grip.  

If you see yourself as a more skilled, more experienced snowboarder, our 5* category will certainly be the right choice for you. This category greets you with a wide selection of boards for the piste and deep snow. Thanks to these models, you will be able to vary each and every run however you please. Sportier riders, looking to try something new and extraordinary, should definitely consider one of the boards in our 6* category, featuring high-quality models from our premium collection.

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