5* skis

Perfect for experienced and sportier skiers

Short-radius carving or sweeping downhill runs – both are possible

Skis in our 5* category are a good choice if you have previously gained some skiing experience. This category stands out due to the wide range of models available for you to rent. From ultra-responsive slalom skis to freestyle skis, and always the very latest high-quality models of the current season.

In addition to models intended for the piste, you will also find special skis that promise lots of fun in the deep snow. Giving you lots of flexibility when it comes to choosing your route and not limiting you to the groomed pistes whenever there’s fresh new snow all around you. If you are planning to explore away from the piste, we always recommend taking an avalanche rucksack with you that includes a transceiver and shovel.

Especially for experienced skiers
Models for short radiuses or sweeping turns
Skis from the current winter season
Wide selection of acclaimed brands

Characteristics of a 5* ski - overview

Skis as individual as you are

The models in our 5* rental category are characterized, above all, by their versatility. Thanks to the wide range of models, you are able to select the ski that best matches your skills and expectations. A slalom ski is very responsive due to its light weight, extremely dynamic as you initiate the turn. Meanwhile, longer models offer more stability and a quieter ride even at higher speeds. 

The special models intended for the deep snow are recognizable by their wider design and upturned tips. Both features provide for better flotation in the deep snow, allowing you to glide across the surface. But regardless of the ski you go for: All models are from well-known, renowned brands. You can rely on equipment that’s tailored to your personal needs and quality that is quite outstanding.

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With the models in our 5* rental category, you are free to choose where and how you ski. Our highly responsive slalom models show off their strengths in tight radiuses and fast curves especially. On the other hand, the longer giant-slalom models prove themselves through good acceleration and a smooth ride, even at high speed. In addition to pure deep-snow skis, you can also rent hybrid models that deliver good performance on as well as off the piste.

If you want to take your experience on the piste or in the deep snow to a whole new level, we highly recommend the skis in our 6* category. Exclusive models by premium manufacturers give you an incomparable ride regardless of the surface. If you are taking a more laid-back approach to your skiing and dynamics and speed play a secondary role, then a 4* ski will be the right choice for you.

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