Fully E-Mountainbike

Enjoy motorised up- and downhill biking adventures

Your personal mountain adventure awaits

The fully E-mountain bike is essentially a hybrid of the hardtail and enduro variants of an E-mountain bike. With suspension on both axles, you will be able to manage passages through steep terrain across changing surfaces. At the same time, the trimmer weight compared to an enduro E-bike means nothing will impede your ride up the mountain. 

This balanced mixture makes the fully E-mountain bike the right choice for various adventures in the Bike Kingdom. For additional support, you can turn on the integrated motor as needed, allowing you to reach your destination quickly and with strength in reserve. As a consequence, your own stamina will no longer be an obstacle, even on strength-sapping or more extended trails. A clear recommendation for all bike fans in the mood for a sporting excursion on the trails in and around Arosa Lenzerheide.

Front and rear suspension
High-performance motor & latest-generation battery
Sporty suspension system for longer tours
Modern geometry for exceptional biking enjoyment

The characteristics of a fully E-mountain bike – an overview

A perfectly balanced all-mountain package

In its original form without a motor, the fully mountain bike is fit-for-purpose on a wide variety of trails through the mountains. Thanks to full suspension, wider tires and a special suspension system, a fully bike allows you to master virtually any obstacle you might encounter during your ride. In addition, due to the weight savings, you will always cut a good figure on your way up the mountain. With the E-bike variant, a top-quality motor also comes into play, expanding the bike’s impressive array of characteristics as well as where you can actually ride it.

On steeper climbs, you can use and adjust your motor according to your personal stamina and the terrain. On flatter passages, simply deactivate the motor completely. In combination with the battery, you can now undertake longer tours for truly unforgettable mountain adventures.

Would you like a lighter bike for your all-mountain excursions?

Or would you prefer to rely more on your own muscle power?

For variety-packed trails up the mountain

The perfect allrounder bike with a motor

The fully E-mountain bike is the ideal companion for the widest range of trails and tours through the mountains of our region. Thanks to optimised weight, an adaptive suspension system and the motor, you will always have the upper hand no matter how steep the climb. Riding downhill, the frame provides the right dose of stability and control, even on loose surfaces. If your preference is for extended tours through flatter or gently rising terrain, rather than steep climbs and downhills, then the fully E-bike will be the ideal choice for you.

If, however, you crave an adrenaline kick on the trail, your only choice is the enduro E-mountain bike. The robust frame, which is further reinforced by the motor, readily withstands the added stresses of rough terrain without compromising quality. You can also rent fully bikes at Pesko without a motor.

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