Our two rental categories for children

Especially for our small guests at Pesko

Characteristics of the Kids Bikes – an overview

Perfectly adjusted for pure biking enjoyment

Just as with bikes for adults, it is essential to adjust kids’ bikes correctly so that everyone gets the most enjoyment out of their bike ride together. Bikes are selected based on the height and weight of each child, with the suspension and seat position also adjusted accordingly. 

It is important to ensure the weight of the bike is right for the child, allowing your youngster to move the bike effortlessly and control it without risk. The tires are also chosen based on the intended terrain: everything from street tires to all-terrain tires with a deep tread. 

All of our rental bikes are equipped with high-quality brakes and modern gear shifts. This minimises the pedalling effort riding up the hill and maximises the fun riding back down.

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Where can your children ride bikes?

You have a wide range of options to choose from

There are so many opportunities for children to ride their bikes here. And thanks to the two types of bike we have available at Pesko, you can exploit those opportunities to the full. You can adjust your equipment to the route you will be taking or the destination, and not vice versa. Pedal quietly along the roads and lanes of the Lenzerheide region, though, thanks to our kids’ bikes, nothing stands in the way of an exciting trail ride either. 

With numerous trails and routes in the Bike Kingdom, plus a full range of difficulty, you and your children can count on having a marvellous time. There are also special paths just for little bikers. In other words, you are certain to find the ideal biking opportunity, whether your child is riding on a trail for the very first time or is already a pro in the bike park. Regardless of the setting you choose: You’ll find perfect equipment for your child here at Pesko.

What are the differences between a kids’ park bike and a mountain bike?

Perfectly equipped for the bike park, mountain trails or wide paths

When you rent a kids’ bike from Pesko, you have two different categories to choose from: park bikes and mountain bikes. There are a number of differences between the two models that you should factor in as you decide which way to go.

The kids’ mountain bike is a hardtail bike with suspension only on the front axle. The mountain bike opens the door to a wide variety of trails and tours that you can explore together. Whether on the road or far away from it: with a mountain bike, your child will have a bicycle that’s suitable for virtually all terrain.

The kids’ bike for the bike park boasts suspension on both axles. The extra weight compared to a mountain bike provides greater stability on the course. This is especially important for maintaining control riding through curves and jumps. In addition to the bike itself, when you rent from us we will also provide you with protectors suitable for the bike park. So that your child is well protected in the event of a fall.

Your biking safety is our top priority

Protection in the event of a fall with equipment from Pesko