Our ski categories at a glance

Skis for beginners, experienced skiers and adventure lovers

Wide selection of skis for a wide range of uses

At Pesko, we offer three different categories of rental ski. Based on your skiing ability, we will recommend the models that are best-suited to you, then adjust them to your specific requirements. 

Skis in our 4* category are particularly good for beginners and rookies looking to get as much safety as possible out of their skis. These models are especially easy to ride. Due to their very responsive construction, it is easy to initiate turns quickly while you always have your skis under control. 

The 5* category is our most diverse rental classification, with models for short turns, wide radiuses, and others explicitly for the deep snow. All skis in this category are from the current winter season and produced by the most renowned manufacturers on the alpine ski scene. A must for every experienced skier.

The skis in our 6* category take skiing to a whole new level. Using state-of-the-art technologies in construction, these models give you a whole new skiing sensation the moment you hit the piste. For the ultimate in skiing enjoyment, this category is mainly recommended for experienced, sportier skiers who are looking to push themselves to their personal limits and beyond.

Our snowboard categories at a glance

Snowboards for rookies, experienced boarders and riders with sporting ambitions

Wide range of models for the piste, deep snow and the park

Pesko likewise offers three major categories of snowboard intended to meet every wish. Children, youths and adults find a wide selection for the piste and deep snow.

Snowboards in our 4* category are recommended for beginners looking to gain their first experiences on a board. Children, in particular, find a wide variety of models in different sizes within this category. Boarders who are more laid-back in their approach to the sport also feel right at home in this category.

The snowboards in our 5* category offer a wide choice of rocker and camber models. Meaning you can decide for yourself whether you prefer a board that’s extremely responsive and maneuverable, or one that promises stability and a quiet run. You will also find boards in this category that are designed explicitly for deep snow.

The snowboards in our 6* category are comprised of exclusive models representative of the premium market. In this category, modern designs meet exceptional ride characteristics. The dynamism and flexibility of these 6* boards know no limits. Equipping you perfectly for a day on the piste unlike any other.

Overview of sporting accessories for rent

Ski boots, snowboard boots and helmets for big and small

Rent your equipment as part of a complete package from Pesko

The right skis and snowboard are just part of the equation. You can also take care of the rest of your equipment needs at Pesko as well, guaranteeing your perfect day on the mountain. Everything for your piste adventures can be rented from Pesko.

Our rental ski and snowboard boots are available in all sizes for all ages. The snowboard boots feature the BOA lacing system, allowing them to be fitted easily to every foot. As for ski boots, in our shops we check closely to ensure the boot you have chosen truly fits your foot and won’t cause any painful pressure points. Absolutely essential for a carefree day on the piste.

The ski helmets from Pesko are CE-certified. To ensure it provides optimal protection in the event of a fall, each helmet is closely inspected before it is ever rented out. If the inspector finds a crack in the casing or any other functional issue, the helmet will be pulled immediately. Only in this way can we assure you of best-possible protection on the piste.

Please note: All sporting accessories are cleaned and disinfected before every rental. Which means, you can count on using products that are practically as good as new and that meet the highest hygiene standards.

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